A Day in the Life at The WorkShop – Joan Purser of Purser Bookkeeping & Administrative Services

Here at The WorkShop, we know we would be nothing without our dedicated and engaged members. Our members work in all kinds of professions—architecture, medicine, law, marketing, the list goes on—but one thing they have in common is the spirit and community they bring to our coworking space. Our Day in the Life blog series aims to learn a little more about each of the people who make our workspace so unique.
Today we bring you a profile on WorkShop member Joan Purser, of Purser Bookkeeping & Administrative Services. Read on to learn more about what makes Joan tick!

The WorkShop: What is your profession?

Joan Purser: The company name “Purser Bookkeeping & Administrative Services” makes it easy to learn what we do—we are a bookkeeping firm working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

WS: Why do you do what you do/what inspires you?

JP: Acts of service is my love language, so I really enjoy helping my clients. Whether it’s getting their QuickBooks file set up, revamping their accounting systems, or hiring and training accounting staff, we’re able to help clients get through almost anything on the accounting side of the business.

“Doing the books” is the side of the business that often causes a lot of anxiety for people. Everyone knows you need to get a handle on it, but many times it gets pushed to the back burner, which just causes more anxiety and can be financially damaging for the organization. I like being able to get my clients up to date and looking at their numbers on a regular basis.

WS: Describe a typical day for yourself at The WorkShop.

JP: I’m not sure I have a true typical day. I have two part-time employees and a contractor who work with me. We work with clients in a variety of ways (daily, weekly, monthly, annually), and some clients we work with virtually and some onsite. The first week and a half of the month, my staff and I are busy closing the prior month. While in the office, if I’m not on my computer working on QuickBooks files, then I’m usually online using GoToMeeting with clients—that’s my new favorite software.

WS: How has being located at The WorkShop made your job easier or positively impacted your business?

JP: The environment and The WorkShop community are fantastic. The Community Manager is amazing with all my requests.

There’s a lot of good energy around here. Everyone’s friendly and easy to work around.

I can keep my door open and feel more a part of it all or close the door if I really need to focus and concentrate. I don’t have clients visit my office too often, but when they do get here, they love it, too. I like the location because it’s close enough to downtown for convenience (which is where several of my clients are) and equally close to where I live. Another positive impact is I’ve brought on two new clients who also work at The WorkShop, so that is definitely a plus!

Just for Fun:

Q: What was the last show you binge-watched?
A: Superstore and Lore.

Q:  What are your favorite productivity or life tips/hacks?
A: Meal prepping as much as possible. My daughter has really inspired me to do this more. I’m always so happy when I plan ahead and have easy meals to grab and head out the door.

Q: What are your favorite digital tools/apps?
A: GoToMeeting.com— the annual subscription is well worth it for how much I now use it in my business. Also, Scanbot, which is a great free scanning app.

Q: What is your favorite professional book and why?
A: Any of the E-Myth books by Michael Gerber—must reads for any entrepreneur. They really help you understand the important concept of making time to work ON your business instead of always working IN your business.

Q: What is something about you that people might be surprised to learn?
A: I secretly want to be Amish (haha). I’m half kidding and maybe it’s an age thing, but I love the idea of going back to a slower pace in life where things are made by hand, meals are cooked at home, and everyone shares in a more personal, face-to-face way. I like writing and receiving letters and reading hardcover books…again, I think it might be an age thing.

About Joan: Originally from the Bay Area, I moved from San Rafael to Sacramento in 2000. I live in the Elmhurst / Tahoe Park area. I have two adult children and I’m involved in helping them through life and starting their own businesses. My hobbies are screenwriting, knitting, quilting and LEARNING. I started my business in 2012 and the majority of my clients have all come from referrals. I don’t have a website and I don’t do social media. I think our success has come from clients who are very pleased with our service and trust us enough to refer us to their friends and associates. Referrals are always appreciated, and I enjoy collaborating on projects.

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