Sacramento Organizations seek to Help Promote Social Media and Provide Safe Water


By Michele Sadowski, CSM

We at The WorkShop are passionate about supporting our community. One way we do that is by playing host to meetups for organizations and companies in the Sacramento area.

We were fortunate to have recently hosted two Sacramento meetups, one called How to reach 113,000 Business People in Sacramento— held by Julie Gallaher, President of Get on the Map—and another called the 2018 California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge, held by Code for Sacramento.

Julie’s meetup focused on sharing her knowledge and expertise with LinkedIn. Julie was named by the Sacramento Business Journal as one of the top ten local Twitter influencers and is Google’s #1 ranked Sacramento Social Media Consultant. At the Meetup, Julie specifically discussed how anyone can reach 113,000 Sacramento people on LinkedIn. She shared her top five tactics for increasing your connections and amplifying your individual visibility. She also shared how best to present and position yourself on LinkedIn—if you didn’t already know, LinkedIn is the modern-day resume, so presentation and position are incredibly important to be a successful LinkedIn user. To learn more about her tactics, you can contact Julie via Get on the Map.

Code for Sacramento is a non-profit civic organization that connects civic technologists with project leaders who have ideas for community solutions and is dedicated to delivering civic innovation by taking on public sector projects to help them find solutions. At their meetup, Code for Sac discussed the 2018 California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge. This challenge explores data’s potential to develop meaningful solutions that help ensure every Californian has access to sufficient, safe, affordable water for basic human needs. Hosted by Kevin Fries and Ryan Malhoski, folks gathered to hear Angelica Quirarte from the California Government Operations Agency present the challenge. After the presentation, several people remained to network, talk about how to partner for the challenge, and discuss ideas generated from the presentation.

At The WorkShop, we know it is important for us to open our doors to groups that want to collaborate and partner—and to provide a place where people can share perspectives.

If you’d like to schedule your own meetup or event in our space, please contact or call 916-465-8065! We hope to see you soon!

About Michele: Michele is a recent Certified ScrumMaster® with 20+ years of communications and project lead experience in small and large technology firms. After a 15-year stint in Wisconsin, Michele recently returned to California. When not at work, she spends her time learning about her new home, Sacramento, CA, and enjoying time with family and friends.

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