The WorkShop Sacramento: FAQs

We’ve gotten some questions about The WorkShop – Sacramento co-working space, so we thought we’d address them all in this FAQ! If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please let us know and we’ll update the FAQ!

Q: Can I drop in anytime to work or do I need to call ahead?

A: Drop by anytime! We are open for walk-ins Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. If you want to stay and work in our co-working space, you can do so for $20/day. Or, you can pay for unlimited co-working, which runs $125/month and offers access anytime.

Q: What if I need to work after 6pm? Can I get access to The WorkShop outside of business hours?

A: Yes! If you join The WorkShop—such as rent an office, rent a dedicated desk, or monthly co-working pass—we will set you up with a mobile app that provides 24/7 access.

Q: What is a ‘dedicated desk’?

A: Our dedicated desk space is on the downstairs co-working floor. For $225/month you can reserve a desk just for your use. Dedicated desk space includes two desk drawers and one file drawer, shelves, and an office chair.

Dedicated desks look like this:

Q: What kind of amenities do you have?

A: Our basic amenities include coffee, tea, water, WiFi, and printer access. Our memberships levels include additional amenities.

Q: Is a WorkShop membership level separate from renting office or desk space?

A: Yes, our membership levels include additional amenities and services apart from our office, desk, or co-working space. We have three membership levels that include items such as notary public, reception, coaching and mentoring, discounts on training or events, additional hours for conference room access, and more. Check out our full list of services (provide your email address to receive up to $100 off co-working!) here.

Q: Do you have conference rooms?

A: Yes! We have a small conference and a large conference room that hold up to 8 and up to 20 people, respectively. We can also host events up to 50 people on the floor of the WorkShop. The small conference room costs $50/hour, the large conference room costs $100/hour, and the open space costs $125/hour for the first hour of use and reduced rates for multiple hours. To inquire about booking the space, call or email us!

Small Conference room

Large Conference room

Q: How much is private office space?

A: Since our office sizes and layouts vary, the prices vary as well. The offices range anywhere from $500 to $1100 a month. If you’re interested in seeing which offices we currently have available, please stop by, call, or email us.

Okay, so are you ready to check out The WorkShop in person? Schedule a tour of our East Sacramento work space by calling 916-465-8065, emailing, or filling out this form and The WorkShop will be in touch with you soon!

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