Virtual Work Best Practices

By Shyanne Long 

The current state of our country has led many people to begin working from home in order to practice social distancing. For some of us, it may be the first time ever working from home. For many of us who are used to working in a coworking space, we might be re-transitioning into working from home like we used to do in the pastThis transition to a new normal routine can be tough, but The WorkShop is here to help! 

Here are our five top virtual working tips to help you during this time of uncertainty. Even with everything going on, we are still here for you and we would love to chat and help support your needs, so please reach out!

  1. Create a workspace. Find a spot in your home to work that is not your bed! I know that it’s tempting to wake up, grab your laptop and just start working, but this can have an effect on your energy levels. Our brain associates the bed with sleeping, and if you work in your bed, you can feel tired and groggy all day! 
  2. Establish work hours. It is important to establish boundaries for working hours since you are not physically going into an office. Figure out your company’s work hours and stick with a schedule. When it is time for lunch, close the laptop and walk away! Enjoy your lunch without any work distractions. Once you are clocked out, try not to open your laptop ancheck your email. This will create some distance between yourself and your work and develop healthy boundaries.
  3. Take care of yourself. Step out of the pajamas and into some “real clothes.” Working in your pajamas may seem niceuntil it’s time to jump onto a Zoom meeting and see your clients and colleagues facetoface. Make sure to continue practicing good hygiene by showering and getting dressed, which will help you feel like you’re still in a somewhat normal routine. During your lunch break, try going for a walk or doing an at-home workout to get your blood flowing. Many fitness and yoga studios are offering classes for free or “pay what you can” via Zoom or YouTube. 
  4. Stay connected. We may be social distancing, but communication is not canceled. Staying connected is more important than ever! Pick up the phone and call your family, friends, and coworkers—even if it’s just to chat about how you are feeling. We are all going through this together! 
  5. Keep evolving and improving. Have you been wanting to learn a new skill? Now is your time to shine! Take this extra time at home to learn something new or further develop your skillsLook into online learning platforms to support your development. Try out a new recipe and share it with your family! But, if you don’t have the energy for this, don’t worry! Refer to #3 and take care of yourself in the best way for you!

We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy during this time. How is working from home going for you? Share your stories and tips in the comments! 

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